Career Opportunities

Construction Services:

Alutiiq subsidiaries provide customers with a wide range of design-build and bid-build construction services including pre-construction, infrastructure, horizontal, vertical, remote, and austere and cold region construction. With regional offices located throughout the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii, Alutiiq subsidiaries have a variety of construction projects with a broad range of opportunities.

Youth Services:

Alutiiq Education and Training, LLC and Alutiiq’s Professional Services, LLC perform contracts for Job Corps, an education and vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. The program provides services to youth between the ages of 16-24 and assists them with developing career skills to obtain long-term placement or continuing education.  Join a team of professionals that provides young people with the all-around skills needed to succeed in a career and in life – current locations include centers in Alabama, Michigan, Ohio, New Mexico, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Virginia.

Security and Professional Services:

  • Guards: Alutiiq subsidiaries offer full-spectrum basic and advanced police protection services. We provide management, administrative and logistic support services for protection, prevention and background investigations. We utilize complete program management, quality assurance, resource control and technical support to ensure the U.S. State Department posts worldwide are outfitted with the most reliable special protective equipment and armored diplomatic vehicles available. Our companies also provide extensive management experience in executive protection, personnel security services, information verification, adjudication and data collection, and physical security. 
  • Technical Support: Incorporating the latest electronic security available through an integrated engineering and design approach, our subsidiaries offer engineering, design and installation services to support the protection of facilities, assets and personnel. Our services and experience include engineering, design, acquisition, installation, maintenance, logistics and lifecycle support. We provide site surveys, engineering plans, installation design plans (IDP), equipment and system procurement, hardware and software support, installation test and check-out, facility modification to support new equipment, operation and maintenance manuals, on-site/off-site training, system warranty, system maintenance and service, system operation, after action and casualty reports, as-built installation drawings and help desk operations.
  • Emergency Management Services: With the volatile nature of today’s global environment, protecting people, information and resources is of the utmost importance. Recent world events have put security concerns firmly in the public eye, demanding that individuals, companies and governments be proactive in their security concerns. We have distinguished ourselves from other security service and systems providers by offering an integrated approach to site security. From providing trained, armed guards at 18 diverse Army installations, to upgrading the electronic security systems at all National Guard facilities throughout the U.S. and its territories.  Watch for our offerings in the areas of homeland security, counterterrorism, antiterrorism/force protection, threat and vulnerability assessments, intelligence community support, law enforcement and emergency management, and weapons of mass destruction planning and response.


Alutiiq Leasing provides remote housing (camps) in support of base operations for the Oil and Gas industry.  A camp is a housing facility which provides all the amenities a workforce requires to live out on a remote site project to include a commercial kitchen and dining, living quarters, communications along with a fitness center.  We currently support and provide housing to client with the primary focus on the North Slope of Alaska.

Logistics, Operations and Maintenance:

Alutiiq subsidiaries maintain service and supply sites at 10 worldwide strategic locations. With more than 1,500 employees collectively, we provide a myriad of logistics services to our government customers, ranging from supply operations to administrative functions. 

Our comprehensive logistics services covers all aspects of general transportation and delivery, fleet management and vehicle maintenance, stores and tool crib support, property disposal/storage, shipping, receiving materials and equipment management.

We manage and provide base operating support services that include civil engineering and public works service, military family housing maintenance and other facility and installation maintenance support activities. We provide a range of planning and programming activities, maintenance and repairs for highly visible, mission-critical military organizations.